Royal Society of Portrait Painters | Annual Exhibition 2024


[09/05/2024 – 18/05/2024]

«El Gallo Mujica» presented at the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

Jordi Díaz Alamà immortalizes Daniel Mujica, ‘El Gallo Mujica’, in this timeless oil portrait. The composition of the model echoes Alamà’s previous works, such as ‘Valor y al toro!’ (2023) or ‘Habitación 103’ (2024). A young man, sitting on a golden silk cloth adorned with a feather pattern, gazes directly at the viewer. He turns his head to look at us. On his back is a Japanese-style tattoo depicting a majestic rooster amidst nature—a symbolic narrative of his journey.

The pronounced chiaroscuro amplifies the figure’s presence, conveying a sense of self-assuredness and depth. Alamà’s meticulous brushwork brings the canvas to life with vivid and vibrant colors. Mujica was born in Venezuela, where his childhood fascination with cockfights instilled in him the valor and tenacity of these proud creatures. He lived in Ecuador and later in Brazil, where he refined his skills in tattoo artistry before embarking on a transformative trip to Amsterdam.

Inspired by the works of van Gogh, Mujica’s passion for painting was sparked, prompting him to pursue formal training at the Barcelona Academy of Art under the tutelage of Alamà.

Contemporary Figurative Paintings China and Spain


[08/11/2023 – 05/01/2024]

Collective exhibition at Quanshanshi Art Center (Hangzou) from 8th of November to 28th of December 2023 and at the National Theatre (Beijing) from 5th of December 2023 to 5th of January 2024.


Les Bernardes (Girona)

[22/09/2023 – 23/12/2023]

Exhibition at Les Bernardes, Espai de Cultura Contemporània (Salt)


Album cover

Bell Witch cover - Jordi Diaz Alamà

Album cover for Bell Witch latest album ‘Future’s Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate’.

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INFERNO. Homenaje a la Divina Comedia

Arte entre Velas (Pedraza)

[02/07/2023 – 31/08/2023]

Arte entre velas - Jordi Diaz Alamà


Museu de Granollers

[29/09/2022 – 30/04/2023]

Exposició Museu de Granollers - Inferno - Jordi Diaz Alamà
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